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Nightmare is a 2D puzzle Adventure about a boy who gets stuck in his dream.

With variety in visuals, and cartoon art style- the game offers various places to explore in a pleasant way.

Version #1:

This  Demo Version was made for BYOG 2019 round-1 within 4 days.

Version #2:

This  Demo Version was made for BYOG 2019 round-2 within 2 weeks. It has more visual presentation, change in story-line as per the decisions made, and more puzzle adventures to explore.

Hope you enjoy it!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorsits_HarshArora, Sankalp Yaduwanshi
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Tags2D, byog2019, Dreams, Side Scroller


Nightmare Game Jam v1.rar 15 MB
Nightmare Game Jam v2.rar 16 MB


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a pretty fun game, did you take inspiration form the other side from blackthornprod


I like the game

Great game. Keep it up.

Thanks alot.
I do hope that you would enjoy upcoming updates too.

Amazing job developer. Really an interactive game. Graphics are very good and music is great. Excellent work. Keep it up!!

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. 

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Damn, Honestly a winsome and amusing game with all that sound effects. Visuals are quite mind-boggling... loved it. Great work, applauds!

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. 

Hope you enjoyed the game.

Hey I played all the games made for BYOG19 that had a windows build. Your game is one of them! Check it out :

Game mechanics are awesome  ,and graphics are really captivating..


Hope you enjoyed the game.


Nothing hate here though, feel like it's trying to copy BlackThornProds indie game he's been working on. It's a great game wtih great art style, nice music and gigantic potential, though I feel like you need something to seperate it from BlackThornProds game, something unique that will make your game stand out, else it's a great game :)

Thanks man!

I know, the thing is that I got inspired by BTP, so I took his art for reference. Though I already started working on the next update I can assure you that it has more creative and original content. It is scheduled for Nov 21, 2019.

Hope you'll enjoy it too.

Sure I'm looking forward to it, as I said before I really think the game has big potential, so I will check up on it nov 21 and take it from there, good luck and dont dissapoint me ;) :D 

Game looks astonishing and Music looks pretty decent for 15 minutes work too. It's nice working with you, pal! 

Thanks! I'm working on next update, can't wait to test more musics for the game.

Really loved the art style, the music and the jump audio. Want to play the full version :)

Thanks! We are looking to make an update for the game with lots of new stuff in few weeks.

Hope you'll play the updated version too.

It was nice collaborating with you. Really enjoyed it and the game just looks amazing. I think we all did a splendid job on this project, looking forward working with you in future.

You did an amazing job buddy. I really appreciate your contribution in the game.

Amazing game dev i have played random indie games from gamejam and your game is one of them i hope you enjoy my gameplay :) 

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Thanks man! Really appreciate it.

Also, do check out my other game: https://harshit-arora.itch.io/another-world