"You Sure?" is a 2D puzzle-platformer where the core in-game controls can be used as level-objects but using them disables the used-control(s) functionality(-ies).

The game is made for the theme "It's Not Supposed To Do That" with original Sounds, Art, Visual Effects, and Code.

How to Play?

  • Movement:
    • Left (←): Moves the character in 'left' direction
    • Right (→): Moves the character in 'right' direction
    • Space: Makes the character 'jump'
  • Button Controls:
    • Can be used as platforms by 'drag and drop (🖱️)'
    • Functionality of the 'Button Control' will be disabled when 'drag and drop ' is used. 
    • Mouse Right-Click on the drag and drop 'Button Control' to reset it's position.
      • This will enable the functionality shown on the button.

   ★  Last Level:

    • Press 'Esc'...
      • This will disable the gravity for the character and enable both 'Horizontal' and 'Vertical' movement.

Weird Bug: 

  • Drag and Drop doesn't work on 'Button Controls' present on the screen if tried from centre of the button.
    • For Drag and Drop, please try to drag using top of the 'Button Controls' present on the screen.

Creators: Harshit Arora and Sankalp Yaduwanshi

This prototype was made within 12 hours.
Hope you enjoy it!


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Very impressive concept of drag and drop. Enjoyed playing this game.

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game and concept is amazing

The concept is really nice, sometimes dragging the buttons seemed buggy but overall a good game

I like the idea, the look is also interesting. but this dragging buttons seems a bit buggy