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It's a nice concept, and the art for it is simple and works well.

I have a few suggestions to improve:

-Usually the walls the player can't see are actually there, but aren't shown so the player can see the level. So I was confused when the ball fell off the edge on the second level.

-The music is very repetitive and I wouldn't say it matches the game that well. Maybe go for some more relaxing music, or make it a lot quieter by default.

-The door animation fully plays out whether you hold or tap and glitches through the ball. Would be nice if it was clear I had to hold it without being told by a tip.

-If this is a timing sort of game, some feedback per obstacle would be nice. So if I get the timing spot on it says something like "Perfect!". This would make it a lot more rewarding.

-A lot of the level that is outside of the game-play can be cut off, so that game is a bit more zoomed in

-Instead of completely reloading the level, it would be quicker to reset everything manually. It is a bit frustrating waiting for the level to load again when I fail. Judging by how the obstacles work they seem to have a way to return back to normal anyway, all you have to do is move them back and reset the ball position.

Hope this helps the game improve. Overall a nice concept and has potential to be a good mobile game with some performance optimization. Potential for complex puzzles is there as well! Good luck!

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Thank you for the feedback! 

I'll make sure to re-visit the feedback's when working on further update.

Hope you enjoyed the game. ^^

wow, this is a rly solid, clean game with a nice concept. Good one mate

Thank You! ^^

Amazingly done. The idea is simple and the graphics suit it(would not make sense if it had rly good graphics but the core was simple). Its nicely challenging but at first the controls were not clear

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. ^^

Really fun and challenging game, the only downside is that sometimes it's not clear if you have to click or press, but after you mistake one time the you get it right the next try.

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Thank you for the feedback! 

As this is the first prototype, I'll make sure to re-visit the feedback's when working on further update.

Hope you enjoyed the game. ^^



Thanks! ^^